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The awards will be given out during MS Awareness Week at the chapter’s On the Move Luncheon on March 7, 2014, at Locust Hill Country Club.

On the Move is a nationwide educational and fundraising event that helps to increase public awareness of MS and the National MS Society while acknowledging and encouraging the advancement of philanthropists, community leaders and volunteers. The goal of the On the Move Luncheon is simple – to raise funds and empower each other to create a better future for those living with MS.

To nominate someone using our online form, click here
Or click here to print out the nomination form and email it to, or mail to: 

Mail to:

National MS Society
ATTN: On the Move
1650 South Ave., Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14620

Fax to: 585-461-9179
Email to:

For more information about the On the Move Luncheon please
contact Valerie Hoak at 585.271.0805 x 70373 or

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